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Wildflowers: The Ultimate Garden Design

Last weekend’s hot spell was a great to time escape from Denver and head for the mountains, where we had the opportunity to view the ultimate gardens — the display of wildflowers across a meadow. There is something precious about wildflowers, especially in alpine areas, because they are so perfectly adapted for their environment. Their delicate beauty is combined with a tenacious spirit in harsh conditions. Long winters, variable moisture and harsh sun make their carefree display all the more remarkable. When we enjoy alpine wildflowers, we are celebrating survivors! 

Meadow north of Steamboat Springs

I snapped a few pictures from the front of the canoe, as my husband was fishing. The great thing about 29 years of marriage, is that we find ways to be together, even with some variation in our hobbies. So while he can enjoy fishing, I enjoy the scenery and flowers. 

For better wildflower photography, I always turn to John Fielder, who has truly captured Colorado on film over the past decades. I keep his cards on hand for notes, and when we need a hostess gift for a trip outside of Colorado, his books are my go-to choice. (This is not a paid advertisement, just my opinion.) 

Our mountain outing was in the Steamboat Springs area, one of our favorites. And I also enjoyed visiting the Yampa River Botanic Gardens! 

Pearl Lake, Colorado

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