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Midsummer tweaks

This morning was a great time to walk around the garden with a bucket and clippers, trimming off dead flowers and noticing which parts of the garden might need tweaking. Since it is too hot to plant, most of the tweaking is in terms of making notes for fall planting. A few years ago I noted that most of my blooms were done by now, since I favored the spring and early summer perennials. Since then I have added more blanket flower, coneflower and coreopsis to the perennial garden mix and cosmos for annuals. When deadheaded, these all bloom well until the frost. They also make great cutting flowers for the weekly bouquet on  my office desk.

Another way to give a quick lift to the garden, especially if you are having a midsummer party, is to purchase a couple new pots of flowers for pizzazz. Potted flowers are on sale this time of year and they add instant color on the patio. They also draw the eye — no one will notice that other parts of the garden are looking a bit tired if there a couple of fresh and interesting pots in the foreground.

I also noticed that the lavender is getting past peak. Since I was out of town in early July, I missed the best time to harvest. But I have clipped several bouquets of lavender to share with friends. I don’t do anything fancy to dry the lavender; I just cut the flowers and put them in dry vases to enjoy around the house. I clipped a few more for the front porch this morning, but the flowers are starting to turn brown. I always leave some in the garden because they are pretty and I like brushing up against the flowers and getting the scent as I walk by — and the bees also enjoy the nectar.

Lavender Harvest

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