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Hail Aftermath

“Tis hail season in Colorado. Most parts of the Front Range have had at least small hail, but some areas have had large hail, even multiple times. Other parts of the country experience hail this time of year as well. Nothing is more discouraging than watching months of nurturing get shredded in a few minutes. As I’ve talked with gardening friends over the past few weeks, we’ve compared notes on storms. So far my yard has only experienced very small hail, but what’s a gardener to do during storm season?

Keep it in perspective. Much as I love plants, people are more important. If no people were injured in the storm, then it wasn’t a disaster, even if the view from the patio is discouraging. As you walk around your yard, try to notice what didn’t get damaged, or what could be trimmed a little and have a chance for new growth during the rest of the summer.

Remember, it’s not too late to plant a few high impact annuals, or even some fall-blooming perennials. You might not have the time (or money) to redo the whole yard, but a few strategically placed annuals can pep up your outlook, whether or not you had hail damage.


Petunias are a standard annual, but I use them sparingly. My preference is for Cosmos which make great cut flowers. I have some as filler and some in pots. Nicotiana is another interesting and bright annual to consider (flowering tobacco — from the word “nicotine”). Zinnias come in all sizes and colors and provide great color and long-lasting cut flowers. And Dusty Miller is great sprinkled in with other annuals for foliage interest. Annuals are especially useful in sections of the garden that have spring-blooming perennials which will soon be past their prime.

If you don’t have the inclination to do any more planting — at least get a pot of annuals and put it under cover on your porch or patio. It will brighten up an area and bloom until frost. And there’s always next year for your garden — if you can keep the long view.




Petunia and Dusty Miller

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