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June is Rose Season

My roses started blooming this week. The first one in full bloom is the “morden sunrise” rose. This is a hardy Canadian own-root rose, which means that it can survive the cold and dry winters in Denver. Also, an own-root rose means that if the shrub does die back, the new shoots will be the same variety, not some different root-stock.

Morden Sunrise Rose

The above are all intellectual reasons to like the morden sunrise, but the real reason to enjoy this rose is its beauty! Along with a lightly ruffled bloom, the sweet fruity scent of this rose makes it an excellent cut flower. I’ve started my summer habit of taking a bouquet to work each week, and this week’s bouquet was popular in the office.

Other roses in my garden are starting to bloom as well. I have a row of miniature roses along the patio. These have been acquired over the years from the small pots that have been given to me. Even the little pots of miniature roses from the grocery store floral section will sometimes survive and continue in the garden. Keep them moist while enjoying them inside, then trim back the faded blooms and plant in good soil with compost added. Often you can find these little pots on sale after a holiday. Miniature roses look delicate but they are actually quite hardy once established and the petite blossoms are lovely.

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