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Poppies Emerge

This morning as I was making a cup of tea, my husband shared sweet words with me. He said, “The poppies have started blooming.” I found it very endearing that he understands how much I enjoy and appreciate each mini-season in my garden. And the poppies are truly an exuberant display.

Poppies and Iris, a bold combination of color

The main bed of poppies in my yard are definitely a pleasant accident. Several years ago I was moving some iris from a main border of the backyard to a space all the way in the back by the alley. (My backyard is like a bowling alley, because the previous owner made a large driveway off the alley that covers more than half of the back yard.)  The iris were next to a few poppies and some roots tagged along on the transplant.

The next year, I noticed a few poppies coming up next to the iris. No problem — the space was mostly out of reach of the sprinkler and had a weed problem, so I wanted to let it fill in with hardy, low-water perennials.

After a few more years, I ended up with a large poppy bed, edged by a few iris. The unplanned garden has intense colors. The iris are the very deep purple variety, and the poppies are classic “poppy orange” oriental poppies. Maybe a little stronger personality than I would have planned for a flower bed, but all the way at the back of the yard, a definitely happy splash of color.

That’s the fun of gardening — the serendipity of combinations that are unintended but interesting. And every now and then, it’s good to allow some space for nature’s palette to blossom, without worrying about how it all looks together. An experiment for the back of the garden. And if I really didn’t like it, I could transplant one of the plants somewhere else — but probably not the poppies because they have become prolific!

Can’t wait to see what’s next in the bloom progression, especially with warm weather this weekend.

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