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Remember where?

Now that bulb season is winding down, I went around the garden this morning snapping some pictures of where the bulbs were. After the foliage has died back, I have trouble remembering exactly where the bulbs are located. Then next fall when I am moving around perennials or planting more bulbs, I end up digging up bulbs I didn’t want to disturb. Or I plant a new perennial right over some bulbs.

 I leave the bulb foliage to die back naturally, after snipping off the dead flower heads (this directs all the energy into a stronger bulb, rather than the flower going to seed).  I am also making note of where I would like to plant some new bulbs next fall – I’ve already decided that some tulips by the driveway under the flowering plum will be a nice addition.

Digital camera pictures are a good way to “remember” what’s going on in the garden during specific seasons. But I was wondering about my tendency to forget — is it related to the pace of life and all the items vying for attention in my brain, or is it my age and hormones (or lack thereof)? But when I read the ancient stories of the people of Israel, they were forgetful as well. Throughout the historical narratives, God is always telling them to remember, remember, remember. And he even instructed them to keep various festivals and stack rocks for altars on certain locations to jog their memory. He wanted them to remember how he was always present and had always provided — something a lot more important than my little yard markers for bulbs.

There are plenty of chores and activities in the garden this time of year, but I’m hoping that this week is warm enough for some garden sitting. While I may take time to consider the future and decisions or direction I need, space for remembering will also give me confidence as I move forward. Remembering that God has been present and provided, in my own desert seasons. And remembering that he created the beauty I enjoy in the garden, along with the rhythm of the seasons.

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  1. * Beth K. Vogt says:

    It’s always a balance, isnt’ it? Planning for the future, not forgetting the past . . . both are valuable. Being thankful for memories and opportunities.

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 9 months ago
  2. * Mari Mayborn says:

    Carla, I pulled out my camera this spring,too. I’m also determined to remember how excited I was too see those first spring flowers after our long winter! I need that extra motivation to get more bulbs in the ground this fall.
    I love the spring pictures in the winter, too. They remind me of what I have to look forward to. I’m a lot like Israel, so prone to forget. In my spiritual life, I have a faith journal to celebrate and record the times when I see God’s presence and provision in a way that I never want to forget. During the seasons when it’s a challenge to trust God, those reminders pull me through.

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 9 months ago

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