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A Time to Plant

It’s planting time! Gardeners wait all year for these moments. During the winter, as I was walking around my yard, I was thinking about which projects I would take on this spring. I am only redoing a small area in the back yard, a 5 foot section of border where I have struggled with what to plant. I’ll also do some fill-in work — a few new perennials here and there, but not a whole new section.

I’m excited about my plants — they are arriving today from High Country Gardens. I try to shop local nurseries as well as this one online retailer, a business in New Mexico. They have a great selection and are well-suited to our area. And their website makes it easy to plan your garden. (I don’t get any freebies from them.)

I’ll be planting two rose bushes: Rosa “Morden Sunrise” and Rosa “Morden Blush.” Both are very winter hardy. They will be in memory of my mother-in-law who died in February. I am also trying a perennial verbena (Annie) in front of the rose bushes, as I wanted an old-fashioned look for her garden. My fill-in plants are several varieties of penstemons, because you can’t go wrong with these in Colorado and I already have 4-5 varieties of penstemon in my garden.

Of course, all this hopeful planting is dependent on the weather. The trick is to get plants in and well-rooted before it gets too hot. But this week we have had 2 nights of light snow, so I’ll be hardening off the plants on my covered front porch and watching the weather forecast to decide if I should risk planting this weekend. It’s all an act of faith. But I’m excited to get out and play in the dirt, especially after seeing such beautiful gardens in Seattle and Portland last week. Here are a couple pictures of the manor house garden at Lewis & Clark College, Portland. It is the former Frank Estate (of Meier and Frank department store fame) which has been donated to the college.

Estate Garden at Lewis & Clark College, Portland, OR


View from manor house, Lewis & Clark College, Portland, OR

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  1. * Kathy Skipton says:

    I so enjoy your gardening e-mails. I have a small patio but you are getting me excited to plant some pots. You and Sandy have been very helpful. Thanks. KS

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 9 months ago

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