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Spring Favorites

When someone asks me to name my favorite flower, I feel like a mother of twenty children, I just can’t pick one favorite. My favorite depends on the season and my mood.

Basket of Gold

Sometimes the showy bright flowers, like Basket of Gold and candytuft, are my favorite. And sometimes the soft woolly lamb’s ear is my favorite because it faithfully fills an area of the parking strip that I don’t water or mess with. I value mat daisy for being so drought-tolerant and softening the flagstone in our parking strip.

Lamb's ear is low maintenance

So here are some pictures of my favorites right now. I doubt that the snow which is forecast for tonight will hurt these hardy perennials, but just in case, here are pictures of today’s favorite children.

Most of these perennials will bloom best if they are planted in the fall, but you can plant them in the next month or two, before it gets too hot. And for the spreading plants like lamb’s ear,  just ask a neghbor for some starts, rather than buying them.

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  1. * Christine says:

    I just like flowers that are easy and last all season, like pansies. But gerbera daisies are my favorite, other than roses from my man. 🙂

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 10 months ago

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