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Dandelions join spring blooms

I am much more into my flowers than I am the lawn, and I have an aversion to chemicals on the lawn (and in the garden) so I have a pretty good crop of dandelions  starting to bloom. Since there was a little rain today to soften the ground, I decided to go out in the late afternoon and dig up a bucket of dandelions, to try to keep them in check before they spread seeds around.

In our previous home, we had a very elderly neighbor who would go around the neighborhood with his dandelion digger and dig out the weeds. The spring after we moved into our house, he came up to me one day in the yard with a note. He was deaf-mute but had a note asking if it was ok with me if he dug up dandelions in my yard. Hard to refuse that offer, but it was nice of him to write the note so I wouldn’t wonder what he was doing. Every now and then I would see him out the window, digging up dandelions from my yard and making his way around the block. Such a simple act of service.

I thought of him today while my back was getting a little stiff from digging up dandelions. Sometimes the small kindnesses in a neighborhood are overlooked, but rather than sit at home, this gentleman got fresh air and made our block a better place.  It made me wonder about ways that I can make my neighborhood a better place, and also whether or not I’ll be able to dig out dandelions when I am 80.

No pictures today, I don’t want to admit how many dandelions were in my lawn. But the candytuft is all budded up, so  I’ll be posting some pictures of the next set of blooming perennials in a few days, and talking about my philosophy of fences, since some neighbors have built a new fence.

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  1. * Karen Aalund says:

    Carla – What a beautiful picture ~ thank you! Karen

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 10 months ago

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