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Chives for the simplest herb garden

I noticed this weekend  that my chives are up to about 4″ tall now. They die back in the winter but are a very simple herb to grow. Most suggest waiting to harvest chives until they are taller and thicker, but I’m going to trim a few sprouts to spice up some boiled eggs for either egg salad or devilled eggs. Even though I didn’t color any Easter eggs this year, I still want some boiled eggs!

Chives are quite prolific, so if you ask a friend who has a clump of chives, she will most likely divide the clump and give you enough to start a good plant. You can start them from seeds or buy a small plant at the nursery. While I’ve seen people suggest planting several plants, I’m not sure I can use that many chives, although they are an attractive filler. Apparently the flowers are also edible — I’ll have to try them this summer.

Chives are also thought to be a natural aphid repellent. I didn’t know that when I planted my clump near some  rose bushes, but I’m all for natural insect control.

While I’ve had some success with basil and parsley, and I grow lots of lavender, herb gardening is an area I haven’t delved deeply into yet. But for those of you who want to try, start with chives. And share your herb garden thoughts on the comments!

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