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Seasons of the gardening life

As I was doing some cleanup in my perennial beds today, I stopped to chat with a neighbor. She said, “My garden just isn’t going to look as good as yours this year.” She is a mom of two young children.  Her gardening time is quite  limited.

I told her that it was fine, because she is in a different season of life. At this point, playing with her kids and juggling the household is more important than lots of time in the garden.

Our brief conversation made me think a little more about seasons in life along with seasons in the garden. I certainly have gone over the top in terms of emphasis on gardening in the past few years, because I love spending time outside and I love the progression of flowers. 

When my children were toddlers, I did some gardening because I enjoyed it, but I wasn’t always puttering around the garden like I am now. And while our current yard is pretty small, our previous home had an even smaller yard, and more than half the back yard was covered with a patio and deck for scooters, a sandbox and outdoor toys, so flowers weren’t a big emphasis.

If you want to have a big impact with flowers, but you are in a personal season where you really don’t have time to spend gardening, I would suggest a few large pots by the front walk and a few more on the patio. Fill them up with pansies now and enjoy the colors of spring. Then during the summer, go with some bright annuals. For fall, yellow mums will take you through October or November.

If you want a quick and simple garden, plant some long-blooming perennials like coreopsis and gaillardia when it gets a little warmer. You can keep them blooming until fall by deadheading (trimming off old flowers) and you won’t have to spend much time in the garden.

My bias is a mixed perennial garden, which after the spring clean-up doesn’t take too much time. But for those who think their season of life doesn’t allow gardening time, a few flowers are better than none!

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  1. * Becca Gage Brown says:

    Thanks Carla for the link to your blog. It makes me want to get outside. Somehow time slipped away today. I spent the bulk of the afternoon at the coffee shop, not out in the sunshine……. oh well. Another day ……….

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 11 months ago

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