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Uncovering crocuses

I carefully peeled back the thin layer of leaves that had accumulated next to the sidewalk. Some years I’m too aggressive and break off buds in my zeal for raking the leftover fall leaves off the bulbs and perennials. Today I cautiously poked among the leaves and was rewarded with pale lavender blossoms. The crocuses has already started blooming under the cover of the leaves. The discovery inspired me to get out the compost bin and start exploring spring in earnest.

Promise of spring

As I trimmed back the stubble of perennials and pushed away more leaves, I found a clump of shoots for tete-a-tete (mini) daffodils, more crocuses and dwarf iris. I try to keep track of what I plant where, but I’m always pleasantly surprised by some part of the bulb display. And no matter how many bulbs I have poking up, by the time they bloom, I always wish I had planted more the previous fall. My appetite for bulbs is greedy; there are never quite enough to satiate the winter-starved soul.

Now that the crocuses are up and blooming and the pansies have more than one blossom, I will start my flower-season morning routine of walking around the garden with my tea before I leave for work each day, discovering the new joy of the day.

P.S. I also watered a little, since we didn’t get the snow/rain that was forecast for Friday and it is very dry out. We’ll probably get some spring snow, but in the meantime, give your trees, shrubs and plants a drink on warm days.

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  1. * sandra schaffer says:

    So glad you’re enjoying the beauty of this wonderful spring and that it is so grounding for you.

    I love watching the buds swell. Things are moving quickly!

    I just finished pruning and shaping trees and shrubs. I love encouraging them into finer forms. (Am I manipulative?)

    | Reply Posted 10 years, 2 months ago

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