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We had a bit of rare fog in Denver on Friday. As I drove to work, down into the Cherry Creek valley, the fog thickened and I realized that the details of the landscape around me were obscured. Just the larger trees and shrubs stood out.

Fog is a friendly blanket for me, since I grew up in the Northwest. I love the peaceful feeling of calm that fog brings.

As I looked at the landscape in the fog, I realized that it is useful in minimizing the small details and helping us see only the larger structures.

Although it isn’t likely that you will have many foggy days in a Colorado garden, you can look at your garden through “foggy eyes” in the winter, when only the bare structure of trees and shrubs are evident. Winter is a great time to evaluate the structure, because all the details are dead or at least seem to be dead during this season.

Take a walk around your garden and notice the lines, angles and contours of trees and shrubs. If your garden is only composed of flowers, then at this time of year there isn’t much structure visible. Look for places where you might add to the structure of your garden. While it isn’t quite time to plant trees or shrubs yet, a critical eye during this season can help you plan for future planting. This is also a good time to walk around the neighborhood and notice which garden does have the most structure and winter interest, and analyze which elements you might want to add to your own garden.

In a later blog, I’ll talk about particular shrubs and trees that I like in my garden.

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  1. * sandra schaffer says:

    I agree that winter allows us to see so much beauty that is hidden in the more flamboyant seasons. The colors of the tree bark are stunning on a grey day and the outline of trees against a blue or white sky is mesmerizing

    | Reply Posted 10 years, 2 months ago

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