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This time of year, many gardeners turn their attention indoors, to houseplants. I have nothing against indoor plants, except that in my mind they are totally unrelated to gardening and I don’t prefer them as an alternative activity.  However, I do love fresh-cut flowers.

Flowers in the form of cut flower bouquets or flowering plants are a great way to enjoy fresh beauty any time of year. I used to think of fresh-cut flowers as a luxury item, but then I realized that the grocery store price for a bunch of flowers (often $4-5) is about what many people spend on a latte or two. Flowers are my splurge item, not expensive coffee drinks.

I usually buy bunches of individual flowers rather than the pre-packaged bouquets from the grocery store. That way I can pick out the freshest looking flowers and get more volume to mix and match into a couple of vases.

Here are a few tips to keep cut flowers fresh for as long as possible:

  • Recut the stems at the bottom when you get home. Not only will this help the flowers fit in a vase, but it will maximize water absorption through the stem.
  • Strip off any leaves that will be below the water line in  the vase. The leaves will just mildew in the water and start stinking after a while.
  • Change the water in the bouquet periodically and discard wilted blossoms.

 This week when you are picking up groceries, get a bunch of yellow mums to brighten up your dining room table. Enjoy the beauty of flowers, a visual treat for your heart and soul.

P.S. For the next few weeks, I’m not thinking too much about garden projects, because we are taking advantage of this season to “freshen up” our den which hasn’t been touched in 13 years. My blogging computer is now on the breakfast bar in the kitchen, since we didn’t think it would be possible to be offline for 2 weeks.  Think about what you might want to accomplish indoors this time of year, so once spring comes, you can be outside! That’s my goal.

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  1. * Beth K. Vogt says:

    My husband often brings home fresh flowers–and he’s trained our youngest daughter to pick up a bouquet when we’re out grocery shopping too!
    My “indoor accomplishment” focus right now? I’m trying to compile enough items for one run to Goodwill a week–and have managed to do so for the past month! My mantra has become, “Just let it go!”

    | Reply Posted 10 years, 1 month ago

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