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Catalogs and websites for dreaming and planning

Winter is a great time to peruse garden websites or to flip through catalogs for ideas, inspiration or just some color. Let me assure you that I do not receive any products for free from these sites. If they did offer me products or payment, I would disclose this in the nature of editorial integrity in the blogsphere.

As I have noted on my About page, gardening in Colorado is different from other parts of the country. So I always check out websites or catalogs to see their location. What works on the coasts or Great Lakes might not work in Colorado. One of my favorite catalogs and websites is High Country Gardens. They are based in New Mexico and understand the conditions of our region.  When it gets to planting season, I can talk more about the plants I like from their collection, but for this time of year, just browsing their site is fun. The pictures, descriptions and categories make it easy for a gardener who doesn’t have extensive plant knowledge to find great ideas.

Another educational and interesting place for Colorado gardeners to use for planning, learning and dreaming is PlantTalk Colorado. This site is maintained by the extension service (our tax dollars at work) and gives clear information on many categories and topics.

Of course, even the pictures on a website or catalog are no substitute for fresh air. I’ve been indoors too much during the daylight hours this week, so I think tomorrow I’ll take a walk during lunch and notice the tree buds along Cherry Creek bike path — that will be even better for my soul and body than looking at websites. Hope you can get some fresh air and reflective space as well.

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